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Hi there and welcome to Time to Shine Career and Life Coaching.

My name is Cilian Murphy and I’m a fully accredited IIC&M life coach through Mindstream Success Coaching and Training. My passion has always been working with people and helping others to be the best they can be.
There are times in all of our lives where we become stuck for one reason or another and are unable to put our best foot forward to attain the success we crave.IMG 5296111


  • Is there an area of your life that needs attention right now?
  • Are you currently feeling stuck in a rut with your career?
  • Are you ready to start operating at your full potential and take back control of your life?


What Time to Shine specialise in:

-Career change consultations and packages for anyone who is unhappy with their current career path and is looking to make positive changes

-Career guidance geared towards third-level students

-Self-esteem and confidence coaching

-Happiness coaching

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The process involves:

-Obtaining clarity on what it is YOU actually WANT to achieve

-Putting both short-term and long-term strategies in place to ensure success

-Taking massive amounts of action that will guide you towards your chosen goals

-Diagnostic testing (where applicable)


What is required from you:

-A hunger to succeed

-A total commitment to achieving the results you desire


What I can tell you is that the distance between where you are now and the success you crave is not as great as you may think.

Coaching is an extremely powerful process that will literally transform your life and I’m ready to guide you along your journey towards a happier and more fulfilled you.

Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey by visiting Time to Shine, now simply get in touch here http://www.timetoshine.ie/contact to avail of your free 10 minute phone consultation. Your goals are waiting to be conquered...now is your Time to Shine! If not now, when?


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